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We provide real world solutions and services for data centers and companies running everything from legacy systems that are no longer supported by the OEMS, to brand new systems featuring the latest advances in Information Technology. We work hard to ensure our customers have every option available so their data center needs are delivered as promised, on time, and on budget.
In combination with our data center decommissioning services, we offer comprehensive data center liquidation. We have a dense networking of remarketing contacts to maximize the value return on enterprise IT equipment. Our asset value recovery specialists know which systems can return more value whole, and which ones can return more through resale of individual components moved at retail or wholesale. Don’t let your IT depreciate with slow DIY remarketing, let us take care of the data center services and get you the majority of value without lifting a finger! Click below to learn more about our data center liquidation process.

We recruit talented and experienced staff to provide uninterrupted technical support to our esteemed customers. We offer the best price, fast delivery, cutting edge logistics, stellar support and free advice. We take the pride about what we do and what we sell.

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